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Hybrid Transmission

Hybrid Transmission

We developed a patented approach to hybridization that alleviates concerns around inconvenient charging, weight, and top-speed performance of existing electric (EV) and hybrid-electric vehicles (HEV). Our clutchless dual-shaft hybrid architecture implements a single electric motor (EM) and internal combustion engine (ICE) in their optimal range of use to enhance the acceleration performance and efficiency at low speeds without sacrificing range, top-speed, and driving experience. Additionally, removal of the clutch and initial gears reduces frictional losses, weight, and size of the powertrain. Advantages of the proposed architecture over existing alternatives - specifically for high-performance vehicles - were theoretically proven, and bench-level feasibility was demonstrated.

Our objective moving forward is to construct and fit a second-generation prototype into a go-kart to validate functionality under realistic loading.


Victor Prost, Zackary Eubanks, Daria Bondarchuk, Paige Reiter, Yu Hua, and Daniel Dorsch (Mentor)


Concept Generation, Vehicle Performance Modeling, CAD, and Prototyping

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