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Collapsible Aircraft Wheelchair

Collapsible Aircraft Wheelchair

For our Capstone Project, my team was tasked by Tangent Design Engineering Ltd to develop a lightweight boarding wheelchair emphasizing competitive retail pricing and intuitive operation. The client requested a setup time of less than 90 seconds, and required that the chair fit in overhead luggage compartments when folded. In order to maintain market competitiveness, emphasis was placed on compliance with SAE ARP 4120 standards for foldable onboard wheelchairs.

This project was completed under the mentorship of Dr. Kajsa Duke, through course MECE 460 at the University of Alberta, and was awarded the Precimax Design Award for being one of two top projects for the semester by a panel of professors and industry professionals.


Anthony Decesare, Malinda Guo, Calvin Jee, Vincent Palamarchuk, and Craig Radke


Problem Definition, Concept Development, Detailed Design, CAD, and Design Optimization

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